Shivneri Seva Mandal
A Legacy of Service and Dedication

For over half a century, Shivneri Seva Mandal has stood as a beacon of hope, community, and progress. Founded in 1969 by the visionary Mohan Rajaram Naik, we’ve cemented our legacy through tireless dedication to sports, education, social work, and numerous other initiatives that aim to uplift and empower our community. As we step into the future, our mission remains unchanged, and our commitment is as robust as ever. Whether you’re looking to participate, volunteer, or simply support our cause, we welcome you to the Shivneri Seva Mandal family.

Sayali Mhaisdhune – Athletics player of
Shivneri Seva Mandal

Sayali Mhaishune, the daughter of a cobbler, realise then that her 3000m gold medal-winning barefoot performance at the District Sports Office (DSO) inter-school athletics meet at Priyadarshini Park last October would end up being an inspiration to millions.

Shivneri Seva Mandal Athletics players participated in Road Race 2023.

Shivneri Seva Mandal Kho-kho Jr. Team winner of Mumbai district Championship

Shivneri Seva Mandal Team Championship 2022. Marathon was organized by Greenathon at Poyasar, Borivali